Tales of Crestoria opens for pre-registration ahead of its June 30th launch for iOS and Android

Another turn-based hero-collecting RPG

Tales of Crestoria opens for pre-registration ahead of its June 30th launch for iOS and Android
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Tales of Crestoria, Bandai Namco's all-new anime RPG, has now opened for pre-registration ahead of its launch next month. Worldwide pre-registrations already total 400,000+, and since its store page has gone live in the West, a further 100,000 have been racked up. You can see a full breakdown of both its worldwide pre-registration campaign and Western pre-registration campaign over on its official site.

Crestoria focuses on protagonist Kanata and his team of heroes composed of Tales characters new and returning. It sounds like another turn-based hero-collecting RPG, which is admittedly something we have an awful lot of right now.

We've been big fans of several Tales games in the past, with Dave reviewing Tales of Vesperia's definitive edition very positively back in January of last year, calling it "one of the best Tales games finally complete and portable. Essential for JRPG fans on Switch."

I covered Bandai Namco's slightly insulting and upsetting reveal of Tales of VS. 2 early last month, which turned out to be a sick April Fool's joke, if you didn't know. The company went so far as to put together a fake gameplay trailer and everything. 

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The thing is that it actually looked quite good, leading many to wonder why on earth anyone would go to all that effort for what eventually reveals itself to be a low-blow joke aimed at mobile gaming. Stings, man.

Even if we never end up seeing VS. 2, hey, at least we'll have Tales of Crestoria, right? You'll find it available for pre-registration over on the App Store and Google Play. It's currently expected to launch on June 30th, and I can't stress enough how much I want this one to be good.

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