Sway swinging its way onto the iPhone

Check out our multi-touch preview video

Sway swinging its way onto the iPhone
| Sway

We were only just romanticising about the iPhone adaptation of RastaMonkey coming to the iPhone (follow that link and go check out the web version if you haven’t already) when we get word from Illusion Labs (of Touchgrind fame) that Sway is swinging into view.

This animal acrobatics game is also very similar in nature to Donkey Kong: Jungle Climber, only makes specific use of the iPhone’s multi-touch capability. Your task is to control the grabby little hands of a variety of different characters (with such amusing monikers as The Friendly Ninja, Benny the Bear and Recyclable Man) and swing them through the bouncy physics-controlled environments.

The Illusion Labs guys have teamed up with Swedish developers ReadyFireAim to create this intriguing new physical puzzler, so we’ll be watching out for this one arriving on the App Store very soon.

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