iPhone's Sway update goes up and down

Lite version falls, but the update’s still swinging

iPhone's Sway update goes up and down
| Sway

Sway went down a treat here on Pocket Gamer, landing itself a well earned Silver Award at the end of Feb. But games as addictive as this are often the ones that really need the updates to keep them fresh, so it’s good news that Illusion Labs has just swung version 1.1 out onto the App Store.

The unique physics-based game has had ten new levels added, along with three new characters and a bucket full of bug fixes. There’s also a Lite version to help bring in those extra iPhone swingers.

Or, at least, there was.

Unfortunately, Illusions Labs quickly discovered a systemic fault with the demo version of Sway and had to quickly pull it from the App Store. This problem doesn’t extend to the full paid version, it should be stressed, and at least the developer has been vigilant enough to stem the problem as quickly as possible, so no harm done.

A new Lite version of Sway has already been submitted to the App Store, so we’ll let you know when it swings back out.

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Spanner Spencer
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