Two Tribes reveals iPhone colour matcher Swap This!

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Two Tribes reveals iPhone colour matcher Swap This!
| Swap This!

Alongside games such Let's Golf! and Slice it!, the exclamation mark is continuing to make a comeback in iPhone titles.

The latest to attempt to use its power is Swap This!, which has just been announced by Dutch developer Two Tribes (Toki Tori), and to be published by EA Mobile.

What's my game?

Details are a little scarce at present, but it appears to be colour-based item swapping experience in which you "free cute piranha-like creatures from their frozen ice blocks in this freakishly fast matching game".

There will be three game modes: you can battle enemy fish in Fish Fight, have blitz fun in Minute Match, or test your wits in Puzzle Mode with over 45 puzzles. There are five power-ups to break the ice.

Social competition will be provided with Facebook and Twitter integration and live leaderboards.

More details will be released over the coming weeks, but in the meantime, you can check out the teaser trailer below and website.

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