Sushi Go Round chops in DSi-specific camera feature

Get your face/body part in-game

Sushi Go Round chops in DSi-specific camera feature
| Sushi Go Round

Aside from the DSiWare download service - about which we still have plenty of reservations - there's not been much for those people who dashed out to buy the new DSi console to feel superior about.

The first wave of DS games with specific features just for the DSi are finally coming however. (As indeed are DSi-only games.)

One such as Sushi Go Round; a remake of a popular Diner Dash-style time management web game.

Using your DSi camera, you'll be able to add faces - and presumably any other objects - into the game, where they will be used to populate the characters you're making sushi for.

You'll be able to add up to six images into the game.

Of course, if you have a plain old DS Lite, you'll just have to live with the characters provided by the developer.

Sushi Go Round will be released in November for DS and DSi.
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