Super HIND swoops in on PSP

Turns out the deadliest military helicopter known to man isn't Airwolf

Super HIND swoops in on PSP
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We'll admit that, caught up in Top Gun fever, we didn't pay much attention to attack helicopters. Even Blue Thunder failed to convince us, its clunky angles making it look as graceful as a flying tank.

Airwolf, on the other hand, was one sexy heli. And it opened our eyes to the devastating power of the AH-64 Apache and the Mi-24 Hind, amongst others.

Well, we'll soon get to fly a Super Hind. The game of the same name (working title) puts us in the flight suit of Warrant Officer Dante Griffin and at the controls of "the deadliest military helicopter known to man". Commissioned and constructed by a multinational consortium to fight the rebel groups left after the fall of the old order, the chopper is now yours to use and presumably you'll have something to fight because otherwise you'd end up with something of a boring game.

Developed exclusively for PSP by Finnish outfit Mountain Sheep, Super HIND is an action-based tactical air combat title with a specific mission. "The game has one clear goal, and that is to make the genre fun again," said Mountain Sheep MD, Kimmo Vihola, once the virtual rotors had stopped. "That's what I think we all have been missing since Desert Strike," he added, referring to EA's classic isometric heli combat tactical shooter.

The game is due to hover into shops in May 2008. We'll obviously try to sneak into its cockpit before then and bring you an update on Super HIND.

Joao Diniz Sanches
Joao Diniz Sanches
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