Super Hind brings chopper action to PSP

What could be the next Desert Strike flies exclusively towards Sony's handheld

Super Hind brings chopper action to PSP
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Helicopter air combat game Super Hind was first announced at the end of last year and promised then to reinvigorate the genre and "make it fun again". A cause we'd say is a worthy one. After all, who doesn't enjoy swooping about the skies in a state-of-the-art chopper armed to the blades with cannons and bombs? Exactly.

Today, the game's publisher, Virgin PLAY, has come out with a few more details about its forthcoming title (which may have reverted to lowercase for its 'Hind' name but is still due for release in May).

And it begins, quite wisely, with exactly what you'll be up to in the game, which is flying an updated Russian MI-45D Super Hind, a chopper apparently able to out-manoeuvre and out-fight virtually anything on land, sea or air. As pilot Warrant Officer Dante Griffin, this will be tested in the game as you're pitted up against a range of helicopters, tanks, jet aircraft, ballistic missile warships and submarines, to name a few.

Your assault chopper is thankfully armed with a range of weaponry, including high-voltage cannons, micro air-fuel bombs and – our favourites – super-rapid fire electronic ballistic guns (frankly, we wouldn't step into battle without them).

And just in case you have time to actually notice it amongst the carnage, the environments are promised to be outstandingly luscious, with realistic foliage, buildings and other effects such as rain and snow.

The game's in development with Finnish outfit Mountain Sheep and the May release date applies worldwide. Been gagging for some explosive cockpit action on your PSP? Super Hind could be just what you've been waiting for.

Kath Brice
Kath Brice
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