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Super Fowlst is pure chaos and it's out now on iPhone and iPad

But will this be a sequel worth waiting for?

Super Fowlst is pure chaos and it's out now on iPhone and iPad

Almost a month ago (gag) we told you that Super Fowlst was coming to iOS on November 20th and, would you look at that, the game's released right on schedule. You can grab it free to play on the App Store now.

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If you don't know what I'm talking about and missed last month's announcement, Super Fowlst is a sequel to the Silver Award-winning Fowlst from 2017. In its review we said, "It's not quite a shooter, it's not quite a dodger. It's something in between, and it's very, very good at filling that niche you didn't know you were looking for." The big question is whether it'll tickle us equally or even more so when we get our hands on it.

In Super Fowlst is an action game all about dodging monsters, bullets, obstacles, and deadly scenery, as you pick up all the riches you can find. Sure, there may be hordes of evil demons trying to take over the world, but who says a chicken can't stop them?

Trade in your cash for cool weapons and powers to aid you further on your noble, demon-bashing quest and, yes, that includes shooting rockets out of your butt.