Atari and Zynga team up for new physics-puzzler Super Bunny Breakout on iOS

Zyntari, anyone?

Atari and Zynga team up for new physics-puzzler Super Bunny Breakout on iOS

Breakout-style games are ideally suited to mobiles, and Atari knows it.

The venerable video games company racked up a million downloads
of Breakout: Boost last year, and now it's teaming up with Zynga on Super Bunny Breakout, which might not be quite what you're expecting.

Admittedly, yes, it does include bunnies, and, yep, they are super, but the 'Breakout' part of the name isn't as important as you might think.

In fact, Super Bunny Breakout is more physics-based puzzler than brick-breaking time sink.


Main character Rodney, who is, indeed, a bunny, has been captured by the nasty chaps at Evil Animal Testing Labs along with a bunch of other adorably innocent critters.

It's Rodney's job to rescue his pals by bouncing up and down on a paddle and destroying the cages his chums are trapped in.

There's the usual Breakout-style range of power-ups - Time Warp, Anti-Gravity, etc. - and point bonuses available, of course, as well as a few challenges.

Super Bunny Breakout is out now on iPhone and iPad, priced 69p / 99c. A free demo is also available. An Android version will be breaking out of the development lab soon, by the way.

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Jeremy Thackray
Jeremy Thackray
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