Super Baseball League's first update introduces ranking systems and honour points

Super Baseball League's first update introduces ranking systems and honour points

Last month, Haegin launched Super Baseball League, the successor to its previous hit mobile baseball game Homerun Clash. Today, it has received its first update which brings a new global ranking system to the forefront.

Super Baseball League’s premier update features a new ranking system which puts players against each other in a season long competition. In the beginning, everyone will start off with 100 points. They will gain points on winning matches and lose points when matches a lost. The Super Ranking and Global Ranking mainly focus on individual throughout the world but now a National Ranking system has also been introduced, which will line up countries according to the scores of the top users.

The National Ranking system will be employed in 175 countries, making all residents a part of one big team representing that particular country. Additionally, players from ranked countries will receive Honour Points, which can be traded in for rewards like limited uniforms, all-star pitcher "Diane", Supreme Boxes, 10,000 Gold and more. All of this will be available in the newly opened Honour Shop.

This Honour Point system adds an additional layer of challenge as players will take pride in their countries being featured on the leaderboard. Furthermore, the player list has been updated with seven new members who’ll take up different positions like starting pitcher, catcher, shortstop and more. All-star pitchers like Diane and Rap Socrates have also received special pitches as skills alongside the new Pro 3 Class.

You can update the game by downloading Super Baseball League for free on the App Store and Google Play. Can you help your country to the top this season? Check out the game’s Facebook page to check out more details about this update.

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