Super Baseball League's latest update introduces the Super Survival Mode, XP Share System, and new characters

Super Baseball League's latest update introduces the Super Survival Mode, XP Share System, and new characters

Super Baseball League, Haegin’s successor to Homerun Clash, has just released a new update today. It includes a brand-new game mode, an XP charge system, new characters, and the usual improvements and bug fixes.

The new game mode coming to Super Baseball League is called Super Survival, and it does exactly what it says. A survival mode in baseball? It’s quite simple, actually. Players must engage in 1v1 matches against other users and keep winning! Based on the victory streak, rewards are calculated.

The longer the streak, the better the reward and honour points awarded. But remember - one loss and it all comes crumbling down. Everything is lost, and players must rejoin by paying a fee of certain gems. The streak gets reset too, so beware.

Moving on, the new XP charge system can be used to increase the XP of other players by using player cards. It essentially converts player cards that are not wanted or duplicates into experience points, which can then be used to boost a more useful card. This will make main character growth much quicker.

And finally, the update introduces six new characters. Two of them belong to the All-Star ranking (Mr. Blut and Roa Choi), two are Major cards (Elsira Raya and Taciano Mesa), and two Minors (Marquise Newcom and Taddeo Guevara).

If you're ready to take on the challenge that comes with the Super Survival Mode, then download Super Baseball League now by clicking on one of the links given below. It is free-to-play but includes in-app purchases.

For some more information or to find other players who are fond of the game, check out their Facebook page. Their Twitter handle makes staying up-to-date with the game super easy.

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Tanish Botadkar
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