Summoners War: Sky Arena’s winter update adds new monsters, events, and battles

Summoners War: Sky Arena’s winter update adds new monsters, events, and battles

The popular fantasy RPG Summoners War: Sky Arena has received a whole host of winter updates today. Flowing in like an avalanche are two new monsters, an arena interserver update, holiday-themed events, mythical events, and a lot more.

New Monsters

The two new monsters coming to the game are called Weapon Master and Rune Hammer Blacksmith. Weapon Master, like his name suggests, is an adept user of weapons. Using these powerful firearms, he is capable of dealing massive damage to enemies. Rune Hammer Blacksmith can be used in one of two ways – either to apply detrimental effects to enemies, or provide empowering buffs to allies. To make summoning the two new beasts easier, Com2uS is launching a New Monster Update Special Event, which will run until December 27th. The event will also provide various rewards besides access to the monsters.

Arena Interserver Battle Update

The holidays will bring a new interserver battle featuring six regions that consist of Korea, Japan, China, Asia, Europe, and Global. Players from these regions will form teams and battle each other. A qualifier will be held to select the top 10,000 Summoners from a total of 200 teams of 50 players each. The entire battle will span over eight weeks.

Jolly Holiday Event

This new event has been made specifically for Christmas and will task players with collecting holiday stockings. These will grant festive rewards like a Legendary Scroll, Mystical Scroll and Devilmon. A whole host of free awards will be available until January 3rd too!

Bonus Mystical Scroll Event

Lastly, players can also participate in the Bonus Mystery Scroll event until December 27th. This special event will provide 1 bonus Mystical Scroll for every 10 Mystical Scrolls used. The special event will last only a day, until December 28th.

Celebrate a joyous Christmas on Summoners War: Sky Arena by downloading the game for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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