Mathematical puzzle game Sumico is out on iOS now for free

Count 'em up

Mathematical puzzle game Sumico is out on iOS now for free
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How quick are your counting skills?

Android users were able to put that question to the test in August with the release of Sumico, a free math-based puzzle game from Ludomotion.

Sumico has now launched on the App Store as well, so iOS users can finally have a go.

The iOS version of Sumico comes with an extra 12 levels, adding up to 84 total on iOS only.

The goal of the game is to combine hexagonal tiles of numbers to reach the target number indicated in the upper left corner.

You must do this all in a single swipe, all while racing against the clock.

For instance, if the target number is 5, you might combine 3 + 3 - 2 + 1 to end up with 5.

The longer the string of numbers in the formula, the more points you get, but it won't always be as easy as the example above.

We selected Sumico as one of the best Android games of the week during a round-up in August.

You can download it now for free on the App Store. If you'd like to remove ads, it costs £1.99 / $2.99.

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