Subway Surfers brings back its iconic original look with Subway Surfers Classic

The update includes new characters and more

Subway Surfers brings back its iconic original look with Subway Surfers Classic
  • Subway Surfers is going back to its 2012 original look with the new Subway Surfers Classic update
  • Check out four new characters and experience the original look and feel of the game
  • The update will run from May 13th through to June 2nd

Subway Surfers, the (arguably) genre-defining endless runner is set to bring back its original look from when it was first released in 2012 for a limited time. The Subway Surfers Classic Update lets you experience the look and feel of the original when it was first released, and see just how much Sybo's mega-hit has changed over the years.

It's not just changes to the look either. This update will also debut player profiles to let you easily track and share your progress, and four new characters with the fan-created Hammy-Bee, throwback-style Pixel Jake and the two favourites of Guard King & Ballerina Tricky. The update is set to launch on May 13th and run through to June 2nd.

Surf's up A triptych of screenshots featuring different scenes from Subway surfers of the main character dashing along a rail-line.

It pretty much goes without saying that, for the 12th anniversary, this is a pretty interesting choice. We'd assume this to be an opt-in or optional game mode for those obsessed with graphical fidelity (in Subway Surfers of all things?) but the addition of new characters indicates that the actual gameplay won't be changing drastically.

Players of virtually any age will likely remember Subway Surfers back in the day, whether that's playing it as kids or checking it out as adults, it was and remains a simple and fun experience that helped to popularise the endless runner genre. So the idea of being able to see it as it was, even as a purely graphical update, is a neat treat for fans.

We're also pleased to finally see the addition of fan-designed character Hammy-Bee. Check out our interview with their creator, Sarah Bucksey! And if you want to see what else is big on mobile right now we'd be remiss not to point you to our constantly growing list of the best mobile games of 2024 (so far).

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