Stumble Guys is adding a Super mutant and other Fallout characters soon

You'll also have the chance to nab Fallout emotes.

Stumble Guys is adding a Super mutant and other Fallout characters soon
  • Fallout characters are coming to Stumble Guys
  • You can collect Fallout skins like a Deathclaw and Supermutant
  • Fallout emotes will also be aviable

Multiplayer party game Stumble Guys has announced an upcoming collaboration with the iconic Fallout franchise. The collab was announced as part of an endless summer of fun for the Stumble Guys community and introduces fan-favourite Fallout characters to the game.

Every Fallout fan is familiar with the Pip-boy, a device that vault dwellers wear on their wrist which provides them with helpful data, like journal entries, maps and their current health status. Soon, you’ll see this classic Fallout tech personified by snagging the Pip-boy Skin, which looks like a green staticky vault dweller.

Other Fallout skins available in-game include a Brother of Steel Paladin looking cutely formidable in his Power Armor, a Super mutant and even a Deathclaw. You’ll also have a chance to snag a vault dweller skin as well as the Nuka-Cola World mascot. In addition, you will also have a chance to nab Fallout emotes like the infamous winking Vault-boy giving a thumbs-up.

Stumble Guys four-player split screen showing a blue narwhal, purple monkey in a banana suit, a shiny blue guy in yellow hat, shirt and boots and a girls with purple pigtails in heart glasses and t-shirt with pink jacket and pants

Scopely also promises you’ll see new maps arriving over the summer. The developer also released a four-player split-screen mode for Xbox with PlayStation split-screen support coming soon. Further, new content such as Pac-man, Tetris and Monopoly are coming soon to the PlayStation version of this battle royale.

Stumble Guys is a massive multiplayer knockout party game that pits you against up to 31 other players. You'll run tricky races while trying not to stumble and fall. You can traverse more than 30 maps and try out a variety of levels and game modes. Avoid obstacles, battle other players and beat them to the finish line to qualify for the next round.

Stumble Guys is available for free on the App Store, Google Play, PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam and will launch soon on Nintendo Switch. To learn more about this battle royale and keep up with all the latest news, follow Stumble Guys on FacebookYouTube, and Instagram.

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