Tencent’s Story of Seasons mobile game gets a debut trailer

Tencent’s Story of Seasons mobile game gets a debut trailer

Tencent is developing a mobile version of Story of Seasons, and there’s already a new trailer to go along with it. The game is expected to release on iOS and Android devices.

This story comes from Gematsu, who released the first trailer for Story of Seasons Mobile on their site and YouTube channel. The game is being developed by Tencent’s Next Studios and licenced by Marvelous.

The trailer begins by showing some of the familiar farming seen in all Story of Seasons and Harvest Moon games. It then cuts to a female character, presumably the playable protagonist, arriving in town with a suitcase and familiarising themselves with the local town.

The trailer then shows some of the gameplay leisure activities you should expect in Story of Seasons Mobile, including interacting with the town’s residents, petting animals, playing sports, and riding horses.

It then goes on to show some of the more busywork aspects of the farming life simulation game, like cutting down trees, fishing, tending to farmyard animals, and harvesting crops.

Finally, the trailer ends with two characters going on a romantic date as they eat a large meal by candlelight under the light of the night sky.

Overall, Story of Seasons Mobile looks like a really comfy game to play on your mobile phone, and so we can’t wait for more details about it to drop later this year. Once we know more about the game we will be sure to update you.

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