Stickman Master III brings a fresh coat of animesque paint to everyone's favourite stylised stickmen

Want your stickman action to have a bit more flair? This might be the game for you

Stickman Master III brings a fresh coat of animesque paint to everyone's favourite stylised stickmen
  • Stickman Master III takes the action of stick figurines to a new level
  • With both the faceless hordes of familiar stylised stickmen, and more detail characters to collect
  • This AFK RPG from Longcheer Games is out now

Stickman Master III is long-running developer Longcheer Games' latest pitch into the stick figure genre, with an AFK RPG that boasts a cast of dozens of collectible characters and hundreds of faceless baddies for them to mow down in good old flash game tradition.

Stickmen are, of course, familiar to most of us who grew up on flash games and early mobile games. These simple, stylised representations of human beings are ironically quite multifaceted. Simple enough for any designer to use them, but recognisable enough that you can place them in any setting. And also just unreal enough that you can fit them into any situation, no matter how ridiculous or violent.

Of course, Stickman Master III takes a third option and clads your familiar stick figure characters in some stylish animesque clothing and armour. And gives your main characters enough of a makeover so that they stand out from the crowd of more familiar, stylised stick figures.

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Stickman Master III is out now on Android via the Google Play Store.

Sticks and stones

While Stickman Master III definitely boasts some interesting stylistic choices, gameplay-wise this is nothing too new or unusual. However, if you're looking for another AFK RPG to play that's outside the norm, Longcheer Games definitely has the pedigree with this series to perhaps offer something a little fresh to add to your library.

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Iwan Morris
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