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Stick man brawler Stick Fight: The Game Mobile is now available for iOS and Android

Intense 2-to-4-player battles

Stick man brawler Stick Fight: The Game Mobile is now available for iOS and Android
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| Stick Fight: The Game

NetEase and Landfall Games have come together to bring Stick Fight: The Game over to iOS and Android. It’s an updated version of the smash-hit stick man brawler from 2017, with some all-new, mobile-friendly controls.

It allows you to brawl with friends from all over the globe in intense 2-to-4-player battles. There are pretty much no rules, so any dirty tactics are fair game. You can race to grab a newly-spawned melee weapon or maybe hang back and throw some knives from afar. More mischievous players could aim to trick their rivals into throwing themselves out of the arena, while others could instead repeatedly blast their heavy weaponry to cause mass confusion.

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It’s all about manoeuvring the arena intelligently and knowing when to go for a full-on assault. Matches have a tendency to fall into chaos in no time at all, so you’re also going to have your reaction times tested.

There’s a super varied selection of skills and quirky weapons, with over 100 chaotic maps to test them out on. The game tries to keep each match feeling fresh by relying on randomly generated weapon placements, which, in theory, means that matches shouldn’t often play out in the same way.

Maps can be customised and tweaked to your heart’s desire, giving you plenty of opportunities to be creative. Your stick figure can also be customised to suit your preferences, and you can unlock hidden achievements and special titles to show off your accomplishments.

The original Stick Fight: The Game launched on PC back in 2017, selling over 2 million copies and earning a 90% approval rating from Steam users. It received a ton of praise for its open-ended combat and dark sense of humour.

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in taking for a spin, you can find Stick Fight: The Game available for download now over on both the App Store and Google Play.

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