Hands on with Steve Davis Pool Star on mobile

Will it offer an 'interesting' twist?

Hands on with Steve Davis Pool Star on mobile

Steve Davis was snooker personified in the '80s as he powered to the top of the world leaderboards. It's where he made most of his money, but these days the Ginger Magician is a self styled pundit for the BBC and media personality as he looks to wind his career down. Unbeknownst to many, however, he also likes to earn a living on the side as a talented pool player.

This is probably why the Nugget has lent his name to another mobile billiards incarnation. Steve Davis Pool Star is looking to be the definitive pool game for your mobile and takes a step back from the rather stiff Steve Davis Snooker with this version offering a more relaxed hands-off approach.

In terms of modes, you're offered 9 Ball, 8 Ball (UK and US), straight pool, World Tournament mode which will unlock more options and, best of all, trick shots. There's also the option for pass-the-handset multiplayer, so Steve really is looking to screw the black into the corner pocket with this latest effort.

There's a variety of different angles from which to view the table, which is a pleasing break from some of the fixed top-down games we're used to. Striking the ball will lead to different 3D cinematic angles showing how your shot came off, which adds a little bit of drama.

The AI is ruthless: one mistake and your opponent will cut you down, making you look more like Steve Redgrave than Steve Davis.

One surprisingly enjoyable part of the game is choosing a character. You can pick any generic so-and-so if you fancy and build a career from there, but the game allows you to use your camera phone to take a picture of yourself gurning, giving it that little bit more personality than its competitors.

Offering solid 3D pool, Steve Davis is no doubt hoping this will be as celebrated as his intoxicating on-screen chemistry with fellow pundit John Parrot. Click 'Track It!' to see how he does.