Steve Davis Pool Star cueing off onto mobile this month

That's right, he plays pool

Steve Davis Pool Star cueing off onto mobile this month
| Steve Davis Pool Star

Remember July? Good, then you must remember the hands-on preview we ran of Steve Davis Pool Star, the latest celebrity-endorsed title from the sports game savants at Player One.

You'll recall that it has a wealth of modes, including 9-ball, both UK and US 8-ball, straight pool, three international competitions, and trick-shots. And if you're really sharp, you're remember that it's also possible to take a picture of yourself with your phone's camera and attach it to your profile.

Like most of Shadow Light's games, it's all viewed from a fixed perspective, rather than dynamically. The polygons don't swing. Instead, everything's pre-rendered – top-down and from a range of angles used by real television cameras – the advantage of which is that it looks stunningly crisp and detailed. The physics are also immaculate, with balls ricocheting credibly around on the baize.

There are several professional pool players to compete against in the game, and the multiplayer mode allows you to cross cues with up to seven opponents.

It's a bit different from Player One's previous Pool Star game, in that the story elements have been displaced by extra game modes. Whether this floats your boat or sinks it is a matter of taste, but there's no question that the pool itself is as refined as ever.

Oh, and it's out at the end of the month. Click 'Track It!' to get word of the review.