Take part in new Territory Battles in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes' latest update

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Take part in new Territory Battles in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes' latest update

EA's certainly been busy as they've just released a pretty big update for their spacey strategy game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes featuring Territory Battles.

Territory Battles introduce a new way for Guilds to take part in missions/challenges by dividing the battlefield into territories. Each of these areas will have their own unique objectives which need to be completed as quickly as possible to get the most points and to increase their star rating.

Once the event ends, all members will earn rewards depending on how many stars the guild has earned. This includes currency which can be spent in the new Guild Events store.

Here's what you can take part in right now:

  • Combat Missions
    • Players will create a squad of their choosing and battle through multiple waves of enemies.
  • Platoon Missions
    • Players can utilize their expanded collection by dedicating characters to certain slots to fill the allotment of each platoon. In addition to earning Territory Points, players can unlock abilities or buffs to be used in subsequent territories by filling enough platoons.
  • Special Missions
    • Similar to Combat Missions, Special Missions require specific characters in order to participate. Completing special missions will grant rare and unique rewards.

Grab the game on the App Store or Google Play.

Emily Sowden
Emily Sowden
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