Star Trek Timelines’ fifth anniversary update brings new event, giveaways, and more

Star Trek Timelines’ fifth anniversary update brings new event, giveaways, and more
| Star Trek Timelines

Tilting Point and Wicked Realm Games’ Star Trek Timelines is celebrating its fifth anniversary on the iOS and Google Play stores this week, and the latest update has introduced a whole host of new content.

To start with, there’s a new “A Woman of Conviction” limited time event, where you can join Sirella to eliminate the parasitic beings controlling her husband, the Klingon warrior Martok and other top Klingon officials. By targeting the ship carrying Martok and the Lieutenant Commander Remmick, you must eliminate the mother parasite the halt the invasion before the end of the event. This new content can be accessed from next week on 21st January.

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Between now and 2nd February, logging into the game will also reward you with Captain Tom Paris, a free Luau Paris 5-star crew member. You’ll also be able to win a copy of the Pineapple Paris Crew Member by completing three temporary achievements that will stay active for the duration of the event. Additionally, up to the 19th January all four and give star crew pulled in the Time Portal 1x and 10x will become beholds, granting you the ability to choose from multiple Crew members with each pull.

If you’ve never played Star Trek Timelines before, it’s a strategy game that includes characters, ships and locations from the Star Trek series, including the first ten films and all seven television series, including the most recent Star Trek: Picard. That’s over 900 characters to interact with in-game, allowing you to assemble a dream crew featuring iconic characters picked from all eras of the series as they participate in missions and battles.

If you want to play Star Trek Timelines, download it now from the iOS App Store or Google Play for Android. It’s a free to play title containing in-app purchases.

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