Star Trek Timelines is celebrating the release of Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 with an entire month of events and giveaways

Star Trek Timelines is celebrating the release of Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 with an entire month of events and giveaways

Tilting Point and Wicked Realm Games’ Star Trek-inspired character collection RPG Star Trek Timelines is celebrating the return of an iconic TV series from the massive franchise. Long-time fans will realise that I am talking about the release of Season 4 of Star Trek: Discovery. The launch of a new season brings to Star Trek Timelines an entire month of events, giveaways and brand-new features. Untilthe end of this year, players can enjoy all the updates that have boarded the Enterprise.

A Month Long Objective Event

Zooming in at lightspeed is a new event that features Star Trek: Discovery themed missions. These include a wide range of in-game activities and a series of objectives to complete, which grant lots of new limited-time rewards.

Discovery Themed Campaign

New daily missions have been added with this update and players can earn accolades by completing them, which will further their battle pass progress. Finish that battle pass checklist to obtain loads of new prizes and crew members.

New free 5 Star Crew

Coming straight from season 3 of Star Trek: Discovery is Resistance Burnham. Players should not miss adding this iconic character to their crew!

New Mega Event

Every weekend is a mega weekend! Enjoy your days off with special narrative mega-arcs that you can complete to obtain new crew and rewards.

New Theme Packs and Trait Packs

Five new Theme Packs and 8 new Trait Packs are coming to Star Trek Timelines featuring characters that have never been available as crew members. The Trait Packs also contain crew members that will provide added help during the Mega Events.

Ship Sale

Until December 15th, players can make use of promotions on ship schematics to build majestic ships for their space voyages.

Celebrate the release of Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 by downloading Star Trek Timelines for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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