Star Defense orbiting the App Store

The invasion is imminent

Star Defense orbiting the App Store
| Star Defense

It's a big week for the iPhone, what with Apple currently being polished for the Worldwide Developers Conference (Pocket Gamer has agents lurking in the San Francisco shadows already), and a host of big games prepped for release around the auspicious event.

Not least of all being ngmoco's anticipated evolution of the tower defence game, Star Defense. We've been following the game's development closely, and Tracy even got his hands on an early build back at GDC '09.

Star Defense revolves (pun intended) around a 3D take on the genre, as aliens invade small planetoids on which you build humanity's last lines of defence.

It's widely expected that Star Defense will be with us very soon, so head on over to the official site to take a look at what you can expect.

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