ngmoco reveals Star Defense for the iPhone

Spherical tower defence

ngmoco reveals Star Defense for the iPhone
| Star Defense

ngmoco’s been back on top again lately, with news of some hot new iPhone properties in the works. LiveFire and TouchPets Dogs have been doing great business around the blogosphere, and now we have a few details on Star Defense to top things off.

ngmoco designer Stephanie dropped a couple of pictures of her new iPhone game onto the company’s blog, with a couple of words about this fascinating new take on the tower defence game.

“Whiled away most of today protecting the Archaeus Galaxy from hordes of S’rath invaders. Star Defense will launch with a full galaxy of seven planets, so that’s no small feat. Take that, S’rath!” she triumphantly exclaims.

Star Defense looks like a sci-fi themed tower defence game, only played on a 3D, spherical planetoid, rather than the usual flat plane we see in this prolific genre.

Defense is spelled wrong, though.