War Balloon Games's Star Command is only '30% of the original vision'


War Balloon Games's Star Command is only '30% of the original vision'
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War Balloon Games has updated its Star Command Kickstarter page with the confirmation that it will submit its eagerly awaited pixel-art battler to Apple in "about 48 hours".

The Colorado-based developer has used the same Kickstarter update to emphasise how hard it's been working, and to apologise for the promised features that won't be in the game when it warps onto the App Store.

In fact, according to War Balloon's Jordan Coombs, Star Command is "probably only 30%" of the studio's original vision.

Ships from multiple eras, for example, are a no-show. So is research, the ability to beam onto other ships and planets, and a robust Civilization-style diplomacy engine.

"Star Command could never be all those things. But we do feel like we got to the core of the idea - managing your ship, hiring your crew, making life or death decisions, meeting strange aliens, and exploring the galaxy," Coombs said.

These features won't be in the initial release version of Star Command, but that doesn't mean they won't be added via updates at a later date.

War Balloon is hoping to release Star Command on Android around a month after it lands on iOS, and subsequently launch a version for PC.

The PC version of the game will be used as a beta platform. So, any new features will be tested on PC first, and then will be ported over to iOS and Android once they're bug-free.

The first - and probably the biggest - feature War Balloon will add to the game will likely be the sandbox mode. This will enable you to jump around the universe and explore its every nook and cranny.

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