Squad Busters hits soft-launch in eight countries

It's Supercell's latest Clash spin-off featuring characters from across their games

Squad Busters hits soft-launch in eight countries
  • Squad Busters is now in soft launch for eight countries
  • Sadly, the United States and United Kingdom aren't among them
  • But countries as far afield as Singapore and Norway will be the first to get hands-on with the new game

Supercell's newest Clash of Clans and Cellverse spin-off, Squad Busters, has hit soft launch in Spain, Mexico, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Canada, and Singapore. As we reported a couple of weeks ago, after a long period of radio silence (and some April Fools jokes) the game finally got a confirmed launch date for, well, today!

Mixing a variety of genres like RTS and MOBAs, Squad Busters pits you and your team of characters from a variety of Supercell games against other players and enemies. You'll recruit characters in a lowly baby form, earning duplicate versions to upgrade them into bigger, better and more powerful forms. Doing so earns you portal energy, allowing you to progress along a campaign path.

All in all, it's looking very interesting, and right now it's in the hands of the first round of players for iPhone and Android in the territories mentioned above!

Busting makes me feel good

As we noted before it's interesting to see Supercell leveraging their extensive catalogue of games and bringing them together in another crossover. But we would caution against high expectations, as Supercell can be notoriously cutthroat with underperforming games. Some great titles like Clash Mini have gone the way of the dodo (although that one IS set to return in some form) so here's hoping that Squad Busters proves to have more longevity and strike a chord with fans!

And if you're a little torn up about not being able to get your hands on Squad Busters, then don't worry! You can check out our ongoing, definitive list of the best mobile games of 2024 (so far) to find a whole host of titles, from indie hits to major releases, just waiting for you to have a go!

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