Clash Mini to cease development and close, but the "experience" is coming to Clash Royale

Clash Mini to cease development and close, but the "experience" is coming to Clash Royale
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  • Clash Mini is set to shutter after a six-week grace period, it has been announced
  • Supercell has pledged to bring the "experience" to Clash Royale in some form
  • You'll be able to transfer in-game purchases made to other (live) Supercell titles

One of Supercell's latest titles, Clash Mini, is set to discontinue development and shut down in the next six weeks. But, if you're a fan, don't fret because - although a little vague - Supercell has promised to bring the "experience" to another of their games, Clash Royale. The developer has laid out all the other details, regarding transferring purchases made in-game and more, on their official blog.

It's not unusual for Supercell to shutter its games, in-fact it's something of a habit, since the studio holds its games to an unusually high standard. Still, it's a shame to see the game go so soon, especially as the last we had heard it was just launching in Ireland around the same time last year.

Clash, unclashed

Clash Mini was a relatively simple auto-chess game, where you placed your "pieces" on a board and watched them battle it out automatically. You could also upgrade certain pieces when given the opportunity, and had to strategically decide what to play and where on the board to win. Like all of Supercell's games, it was a high-effort production that looked good and played well; unfortunately, Supercell is notoriously cutthroat with games that underperform. As part of their habit of continuously releasing new titles and working on them, this means that if the game isn't shaping up to be a hit, it's usually canned.

Still, it was a good run while it lasted. And fortunately, in-app purchases won't be lost as they can be transferred to currently live Supercell games. We're also interested to see exactly what "bringing the experience" to Clash Royale will look like...

You can look back to see our previous coverage of Clash Mini, including an interview with the developers. Or you can check out games that are sticking around with our list of the best on mobile for 2024 (so far).

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