Spire Blast is a physics-based colour matching puzzler that's heading for Apple Arcade this Friday

It will join NUTS as the latest additions to the ever-growing games library

Spire Blast is a physics-based colour matching puzzler that's heading for Apple Arcade this Friday

NUTS isn't the only game we have to look forward to releasing for Apple Arcade this week. On Friday, subscribers of Apple's gaming service will also be able to play Orbital Knights' latest title Spire Blast.

A cursory glance would understandably make you think that Spire Blast is merely another colour matching puzzler, something that the App Store isn't exactly short of. However, Orbital Knights are attempting to make it stand out from the crowd by making it physics-based. I'm not too sure how much of a difference that will make, but we'll find out on 22nd.

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Spire Blast will see you teaming up with your dragon pal to demolish a bunch of mysterious towers that have appeared in the kingdom. They come in all shapes and sizes with some possessing different defences to others that you will need to work around.

Each tower will be made up of many different coloured blocks that can be destroyed through colour matching. However, each of the blocks are bound by the rules of gravity, so creating a hole at the bottom of the tower could cause the whole structure to topple over.

You can check out some gameplay from Spire Blast in the embedded trailer above. Personally, it doesn't seem to bring anything overly exciting to the table, NUTS is a far more interesting title, at least in concept. But you never know, the physics-based nature of the puzzles may add a fun dimension to the genre.

Spire Blast will be available over on Apple Arcade this Friday, a subscription service that costs $4.99 per month. For more information on other games that are available in its extensive library, check out our dedicated hub page.

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