Space Invaders HD slowly descends on the iPad

Oldy but a goody

Space Invaders HD slowly descends on the iPad
| Space Invaders HD

Taito has resurrected ancient arcade game Space Invaders yet again, chucking the wildly ported, and hugely iconic coin-op classic onto its latest home, the iPad.

No fancy Infinity Gene-styled evolution or Extreme-esque techno backdrops this time round, just simple old eight colours and black background for some painfully retro nostalgia.

Despite its faithful recreation, the HD edition does feature some new offerings. You get two-person multiplayer on the same iPad and a museum of rare material from the original game’s development, including promotional flyers and design documents.

The game features three control methods (virtual arcade stick, touch and tilt), as well as screen modes such as monochrome and a cellophane overlay for truly nostalgic recreations of the '70s arcade cabinet.

Space Invaders HD is available now for iPad at £2.99 / $4.99 / €3.99 – simply click the App Store link below.