Soul Strike x Summoners War: Sky Arena team up for crossover collab marking major anniversary

The collab marks Summoners War's ten-year anniversary

Soul Strike x Summoners War: Sky Arena team up for crossover collab marking major anniversary
  • Soul Strike is set to collab with spiritual predecessor Summoners War
  • Recruit fan favourites to join your team, find relics and enter an exclusive collab dungeon
  • The collaboration also helps mark the tenth anniversary of Summoners War

The newly released game Soul Strike is set to collab with the hit title Summoners War in celebration of the game's ten-year anniversary. You may remember Summoners War from, well, everywhere. As noted this is marking a decade of the hit idle RPG by bringing in two of the iconic characters to the world of hack 'n slash AFK RPG Soul Strike.

Artamiel, who should be instantly recognisable to anyone who's given Summoners War anything more than a cursory glance, is set to join with the ability to use a basic strike and taunts to attack enemies in a given area.

He's joined by Tiana, Anavel and Vaness, all of whom have their own unique abilities and ways to support your team. There's also the new Devilmon Relic and an exclusive collab dungeon for players to explore.

Times change A screenshot of Soul Strike gameplay

While there's not much else to be said about a collaboration like this, it is interesting to note how it's a symbol of the changing times. We can see how Summoners War is giving way to a new breed of idle RPG catering to players who won't, or can't, spend all their time playing by offering tantalising rewards.

We can even see how the official collab art includes far more detailed and realistic (insofar as animesque designs can be) art. Although of course in-game you'll see far more chibified versions, even their inclusion is contrasted with over-the-top visual effects that are sure to make this latest collab fun for both Summoners War and Soul Strike fans.

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