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Are you someone who appreciates the simpler things in life?

The kind of person who'll only splash out on the big name brands at the supermarket if they're on special offer, or who picks up discounted mince pies in January to pop them in the freezer ready for the following December?

Solitaire Pro just might be the card game for you. In a genre already populated with a wealth of games, Inlogic has kept things bravely stark and simple.

Three for glee

This is about as stripped back an approach to Solitaire as you're ever likely to encounter, though it's not necessarily any worse off for it.

While the likes of EA and Digital Chocolate situate their card encounters at glamorous locations that would be out of place in a Bond film, Inlogic entertains no such fanciful notions.

Instead, Solitaire Pro delivers three simple takes on the game: an easy form, where the pack is only shuffled through one card at a time; the more standard version, where the pack jumps three cards a shuffle; and the almost impossible take, where it's Game Over after one run-through.

Solid solitaire

Not that losing will put you off having another go. Solitaire Pro's controls are so simple and the games are so quick to load that it's frankly hard to put down.

Using either the control pad or the number keys, you navigate the cursor around both the cards in play and those stacked in the pack, with a tap of the '5' key picking up the card selected.

With the seconds ticking by, Solitaire Pro measures your performance in terms of how few moves it takes you to stack up the four piles of cards.

Your points tally jumps every time you add a card to said piles or unearth those hidden beneath the collections in play, but it's gradually eroded again the more moves you make without results.

It's an approach that encourages quick play and entirely befits the short and sharp nature Inlogic has adopted.

If nothing else, Solitaire Pro proves that, even if you're the one millionth entry in a particular genre, there's always room for another if you do things well.

Solitaire Pro

Solitaire Pro is a no-frills, short but solid take on the popular tabletop game, serving as the perfect quick-fix time-filler for card sharks