Solarland, Phoenix VN's action JRPG, is out now on Android

Solarland, Phoenix VN's action JRPG, is out now on Android
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Phoenix VN has just launched its new title, Solarland. Here you will get to experience a whole new JRPG world by travelling to the mysterious land of Solarland.

About the game

Solarland is a JRPG where you traverse into the fairy tale land of mystery and fantasy. Here you can go and create your own story where there are no limitations. In this open world, you team up with your friends and fight against boss enemies to save the magical land of Solarland. Some evil bosses are waiting to attack your land. So it’s a good idea to team up to battle and conquer the wild bosses to gain exclusive, mysterious props.

Customisation is wholly available for your favourite character. You can decorate yourself as you want by changing the colour of your dress and dyeing your hair. You can keep it natural or decorate yourself with glitter and be shiny.

Solarland is just not about building your friendship and defending your land. Here you can also catch pets and mounts in the wild. This is a land full of mystery and history, so embrace the world of fantasy.

The developers have also provided some redeem codes that you can use to get exclusive in-game rewards to help you quickly progress.

Here is a list of working redeem codes at the time of writing:

  • 7777
  • RHGO
  • RH666
  • RH8888
  • SL666
  • SL888

Final Words

Solarland is a new JRPG where you can live your own story in a whole different world. Here you can explore the mysterious world and be the king or queen of your land. It has just been released on Android, and interested players can download it now from Google Play. Sadly, it's not yet available for iOS.

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