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Soda Dungeon 2, a tongue-in-cheek dungeon crawler, launches today for iOS & Android

A sequel to the 2015 hit

Soda Dungeon 2, a tongue-in-cheek dungeon crawler, launches today for iOS & Android
| Soda Dungeon 2

Soda Dungeon 2 is a turn-based dungeon crawler that challenges you to build up a team of stalwart explorers and venture forth into dangerous dungeons in search of rare loot. This can then be used to upgrade your town and its amenities, which in turn will attract new and more powerful fighters to your ranks.

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The original game proved to be a sizeable hit on mobile and PC, earning itself impressively positive user and critical reviews. Developer Afro-Ninja Productions has set out to replicate that success by introducing a fresh cast of heroes, dastardly new enemies, and a hoard of loot beyond your wildest dreams.

Much like its predecessor, this one is a fairly laid-back experience, with a fun sense of humour and an appealing personality that could well win over those typically averse to the genre. This time around, you can expect larger, trickier bosses than ever before, though the core action is said to remain very approachable.

"The thing I'm most excited (and also nervous) for is seeing the reaction from fans of the first game," said Shawn Tanner, lead programmer on Soda Dungeon 2. "Gameplay is key, and I know if the returning players approve then we did it right."

Those searching for some good-humoured dungeon crawling action will find Soda Dungeon 2 available for download now as a free-to-play game from over on the App Store, Google Play, and Steam.

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