Glu launches its own Tiny Towers clone on the App Store in the form of Small Street

Hot property

Glu launches its own Tiny Towers clone on the App Store in the form of Small Street
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You know how it is. You fix your place up, put a lick of paint on the walls, throw some inexpensive but surprisingly high-density curtains up, and splash out on that awesome sofa you've been pining after.

You're so pleased with your top-notch interior decor, you invite your friends over to inspect your palace, hoping they'll toast your excellent taste and quality furnishings.

But, when they invite you back to their place later that week, you find yourself staring at a replica of your own lounge, right down to your awesome sofa they picked up by pure coincidence only that morning.

Envious eyes

It seems that NimbleBit is suffering from a similar problem regarding its building-management sim Tiny Tower. Despite Zynga releasing the suspiciously similar Dream Heights recently on the Canadian App Store, there is already another clone looking to piggyback on Tiny Tower's success.

Small Street for iPhone and iPad is, essentially, a horizontal implementation of the Tiny Tower experience. Instead of adding floors to a skyscraper, you add shops and properties to a street. Instead of manning an elevator, you drive a taxi. Other than that, Glu does little to disguise the source of its inspiration, as the gallery above reveals.

Twin aspect

At this moment, both Small Street and Dream Heights are only available to Canadian iOS customers, so Europe and North America will have to settle for playing Tiny Towers until its doppelgängers cross the border.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to fill in the copyright registration for my latest game concept: Compact Condominiums.

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