Mods, skins, and lag - your most frequently asked Slither.io questions

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Mods, skins, and lag - your most frequently asked Slither.io questions
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What's the point of Slither.io?

The game's all about making your snake eat coloured dots to get bigger and bigger, until you're the largest snake in the world. Other players will compete on the same battlefield as you, and might even try to kill you.

If you hit into another snake, no matter how much smaller it is than you, you'll die. Instead you want to try and get a snake to hit into you - then gobble up the dots it spews upon death.

How do I boost?

Simply tap on the screen twice to start boosting. You can then stop your boost by lifting your finger. Remember that boosting makes you lose dots which not only makes you slightly smaller, but also gives fuel to your rivals.

How do I actually get good at the game?

Glad you asked - we've got a handy guide with lots of tips that should help you stay alive for longer, get bigger, and then maintain your lead. You can find the full list of eight tips here.

Why is the game glitching and bouncing around all weird? Slither

That's lag. If you don't have a good internet connection or a solid network link, the Slither.io server won't be able to accurately track your position (or the position of your foes) and so you'll see things splutter about.

To improve this, use wi-fi instead of 3G and make sure no one on your network connection is downloading movies or hogging all the bandwidth.

Is the game ever going to get new features?

Yes! "Updates coming soon" says the official Slither.io Twitter account.

Can you install mods or cheats on the Android or iOS version of Slither.io?

Doesn't seem like it, no. Mods that let you zoom out the screen, play with friends, and change the background only work on the PC edition.

Be vary wary of any mobile mods you might find while searching on Google. They don't work and, what's more, may infect your device with viruses or spyware, or try and get you to sign up to spam and scams.

How do I change my skin in Slither.io?

You'll be randomly assigned a simple coloured skin whenever you start a new game. If you want to change it you'll just have to kill yourself!

You can access some special, stripy skins on the PC version by sharing the game on Twitter or Facebook, but these aren't available in the mobile version. And you can't use custom skins

Can I set up a private server for Slither.io?


Sadly not. You can only join one of the main servers, so you won't be able to play with a group of friends.

Are there any other games like Slither.io?

If you didn't know, the game is a lot like Agar.io, from Miniclip. You're once again dropped into a server filled with real life players as you compete to be the biggest ball around. You can consume smaller players but you must keep munching away or you'll get smaller.

But if you want something a little different, check out our list of similar games over here. We've got games like Osmos, Silly Sausage, and Tap My Katamari that will satisfy your desire to grow bigger, consume smaller stuff, and wind your giant body around a world.

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