8 tips and cheats for App Store smash Slither.io

Snake? Snaaaaaaaake?!

8 tips and cheats for App Store smash Slither.io
| Slither.io
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How to play

Slither.io is a game about growth. Playing as a slinky ol' snake, you'll gobble up coloured dots to grow bigger and bigger until you're the biggest reptile around.

But you're not alone: dozens of other players are also in the arena and if they get in your way it's game over: unlike the rather similar Agar.io, you can't simply chomp on smaller critters, you have to make them run into your body.

There's nothing really to gain from being big, other than smug self satisfaction. But that's worth loads, to be honest.

We've got some top tips from our pals at 148Apps to help you become the biggest snake around.

Tips for growing Bide your time

Your snake starts out rather small, which means you should probably avoid getting into any fights in the early stages. For now, focus on gobbling the dots and growing your body so you can be a real annoyance later on.

Keep your friends close

When other snakes die they leave behind a huge pile of dots, which are just waiting to be munched up by any passers-by. So stick close to other snakes if you can, and wait for their untimely demise before diving in and eating up their remains.

Try new movement methods

Going in a straight line isn't the only way to play. You can slither in an s-shape to slow down and give yourself time to react. You can do a sharp u-turn by tapping behind your snake. Or you could dash around like an unpredictable madman.

Coil around your enemies

You can't die from hitting yourself which means you can safely loop round to make an inescapable wall of death for any unsuspecting snake. Find a smaller snake and start moving in a circle until they're completely surrounded: with nowhere to go they'll have to crash into you and die.

Slither Tips for staying big Outcoil the coilers

As we said above, it's a popular technique for large snakes to make a circle around an enemy and then slowly spiral inwards in an unstoppable death squeeze. What they've forgotten is that this makes them vulnerable to even bigger snakes (that's you!) doing the same to them.

Take a break on the edges

Need some down time? Try sticking to the edges. You'll find fewer baby snakes trying to murder you at the edges, and any who do wriggle your way will be terrified of trying to dash past your face as they'll topple off the side of the stage and die. Just don't do it yourself.

Don't use your boost too much

Using your boost makes you expel a few pellets - which is never a good idea. Not only does this make you ever so slightly smaller, but it will help other snakes who will one day be big enough to take you on.

Take your time

In Agar.io, you shrink down if you don't keep eating people. That's not the case in this snakey spin-off, so you can feel free to take your time and avoid taking those nasty risks.
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