Slipstream: Rogue Space transforms you into an adorable animal in charge of running a spaceship, now in beta

Slipstream: Rogue Space transforms you into an adorable animal in charge of running a spaceship, now in beta
  • Play as an adorable animal crewmate
  • Follow your captain's orders and defend your spaceship from aliens and other attacks
  • Perfect game for budding Twitch streamers

Subpixel Studios, a small team of three industry veterans, has just entered the beta stage for Slipstream: Rogue Space, a title they’ve been working on for three years. It is a multiplayer sim that puts you in charge of a spaceship crew. The game is a quirky combination of teamwork, survival, and cute animals, all battling aliens in space.

Slipstream: Rogue Space is more targeted towards Twitch streamers, which is understandable given the popularity of games like Among Us. In order to captain a ship, you must have 100+ followers on Twitch, which grants automatic captain privileges. As for the players within these spaceships, each vessel can house 120, which should be more than enough for you and your buddies.

As captains of these spaceships, you will be making a tonne of strategic decisions. Rogue Space is a very dangerous region and you’ll be tasked with a variety of responsibilities ranging from giving orders to crewmates and managing resources. Crew members move in real-time and will perform duties like launching an attack on enemies, recharging shields, and making repairs.

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To kick things off, you'll need to pick your crew member. An entire roster of adorable characters to choose from is available, each boasting distinctive skills. Whether you prefer the mechanical prowess of the Octopus, the shield expertise of the Turtle, or the fighting Crocodile, there's a crewmate tailor-made for your play style. All of them will be unlocked with progress and can be enhanced by upgrading their skill trees.

Once you've selected your avatar, it's time to join a crew and set sail on thrilling missions across the cosmos. Whether you're playing with friends or joining a random crew, you'll find yourself in the heart of the action aboard a spaceship, tasked with defending against enemy attacks and repelling alien invaders.

Download Slipstream: Rogue Space now for free.

Tanish Botadkar
Tanish Botadkar
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