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Sleepy Squares is an endless challenge puzzle game out now for Android

Sleepy Squares is an endless challenge puzzle game out now for Android
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If you're a fan of adorable puzzle games, indie developer BombChomp has released Sleepy Squares, a game about helping cute little cubes get to sleep, on the Google Play store.

It’s a puzzler with a bit of challenge to it, where you help the sleepy squares get to sleep by connecting them with their fellow squares. The catch? They only close one eye for every square adjacent to them, and they all have a different number of eyes. The round can only end once all squares are tucked up softly in bed and sound asleep.

With all its charming music and cute graphics style, Sleepy Squares features infinite potential for challenge if you’re up for it. You can unlock different game modes for additional challenge and play them simultaneously with all your game data intact thanks to the global leaderboards. You can also earn rewards and trophies, and have fun collecting them in the sleepy gallery. It’s available to play offline without an internet connection too, making it a perfect companion to play on the go.

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The game was developed by a two-person team throughout the quarantine that took place during this year’s Covid-19 pandemic. “It's a nice endless puzzle with no ads and leaderboards for competing against friends. It took us about 6 months to make and it was a blast. We are still new at this so we'd be extremely grateful for any feedback, good or bad,” said the developer while promoting Sleepy Squares on Reddit.

You can check out the game by downloading it from the Google Play for Android store. It’s a free to play game containing adverts and in-app purchases.

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