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Skyway: The Comet Journey takes you on a grand adventure through the vastness of space

Skyway: The Comet Journey takes you on a grand adventure through the vastness of space

Developer Alexander Kucherenko’s Skyway: The Comet Journey is an impressive space exploration game that recently launched for iOS devices. You play as a comet that’s hurtling through the universe, dodging obstacles and collecting mysterious orbs as it goes.

It’s really all about exploration and being able to contend with any hazards that might appear at a moment’s notice. The story here is simple but affecting – portraying a grand odyssey through the vastness of space.

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You can expect a mostly casual game that makes use of real-time world generation to keep things fresh and unpredictable. The range of collectable power-ups and the different types of comet on offer also add plenty of exciting gameplay moments and scope for experimentation.

There’s something serene about its cool visuals, calming score, and soft sound effects. But don’t let the aesthetic fool you, Skyway can present a welcome challenge when it needs to. You’re sure to find many an enemy on the path to victory, and more dedicated players will want to seek out all the missable score orbs dotted throughout the many stages.

It’s currently only available for iOS devices, though that means the developer has been able to focus on optimising Skyway for all iOS 12+ devices. The result is a game that looks polished and plays beautifully.

Skyway: The Comet Journey is the perfect game for any budding explorers out there. You can download it now for free over on the App Store, so go check it out and start your epic adventure into space.