Skip-Bo, the classic board game, has already been played over three million times since its launch last week

Skip-Bo, the classic board game, has already been played over three million times since its launch last week
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Mattel163 launched their reincarnation of the 53-year-old board game Skip-Bo on Android and iOS last week. Players were clearly excited about the developer’s third entry into the mobile card game universe because it received over half a million pre-registration on Google Play. And now that the game has launched, it has already been played a whopping 3 million times within a week! Skip-Bo is a highly addictive game and the fans have clearly been enjoying themselves since its launch.

Speaking about Skip-Bo’s launch, Amy Huang, CEO of Mattel163, said: “We’re excited to be launching our third mobile game from Mattel163. Our team is great at working their magic on innovating classic board games into mobile friendly hits. We’ve had tremendous success with UNO Mobile and Phase 10 Mobile. We’ve been growing our studio rapidly in the past three years, and working hard to bring more top-class digital entertainment to players around the world. We’ll be launching new titles from different genres in 2022, very excited about the future of Mattel163!”

The revitalized mobile version of the classic board game, which was created in 1968, features a total of three game modes to choose from. Skip-Bo’s Adventure Mode provides players with over 200 levels to tackle. They are all set over four beautifully painted vistas giving players lots of eye candy along with challenges. The game brings back the classic solitaire-like gameplay and infuses it with lots of new challenges to make the game an absolute treat for both old and new players alike.

In 2021, a game without an online PvP component is probably considered incomplete. Skip-Bo is also hopping onto this ever-growing bandwagon with an online mode that lets players all over the world compete against each other using the game’s classic rules. In case you are not one for playing with random people, Skip-Bo can be easily played offline in private matches.

Skip-Bo players’ Christmas gift is the ability to invite family and friends to play Skip-Bo in a way that it would feel like you’re all sitting on a table together. The arena will also allow players to chat with each other. Skip-Bo is bringing the family back this holiday season!

Download Skip-Bo now for free on the App Store and Google Play and challenge everyone you know!

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