Skip-Bo is a 53 year old card game being revitalized by Mattel163 for mobile

Skip-Bo is a 53 year old card game being revitalized by Mattel163 for mobile
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Mattel163 has just announced that pre-registrations have begun for their family card game Skip-Bo on iOS and Android. The third card-based game under Mattel163’s mobile games umbrella, Skip-Bo, is a reiteration of quite an old game. It was first invented 53 years ago, way back in 1968 as a simple, but highly competitive puzzler.

The rules are heavily based on solitaire, making it an easy to learn game but impossible to put down. The use of wild cards keeps Skip-Bo fresh and the social element of the game. Many generations have enjoyed it and now many more can with its inclusion on mobile.

Skip-Bo can be played online with absolutely anyone in the world, or even offline with friends sitting around you. The Skip-Bo Adventure Mode is made for everyone. It is full of twists and turns, with relaxing and simple puzzles for newcomers and even some challenges for people who have played the original game.

Amy Huang, CEO of Mattel163 describing the company’s future, said: “We’re excited to be launching our third mobile game from Mattel163. Our team is great at working their magic on innovating classic board games into mobile friendly hits. We’ve had tremendous success with UNO Mobile and Phase 10 Mobile.

They added: "We’ve been growing our studio rapidly in the past three years, and working hard to bring more top class digital entertainment to players around the world. We’ll be launching new titles from different genres in 2022, very excited about the future of Mattel163!”

The family card game, Skip-Bo is set to release worldwide on mobile on October 27th. A game that has existed for this long is bound to attract people to play it. So quickly pre-register for Skip-Bo on Google Play and be one of the first to play it at launch. You can also download it from the App Store soon.

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