Simure Vikings, the Viking Life Simulation RPG, has soft-launched in selected regions

Simure Vikings, the Viking Life Simulation RPG, has soft-launched in selected regions
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Gtarcade, the publishing house of the famous titles, Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming and Legacy of Discord has finally soft-launched their new RPG, Simure Vikings in selected regions for Android only. Although, the game is still continuing its previously announced pre-registration for both Android and iOS

Simure Vikings’ story is set in medieval Scandinavia, which allows the players to witness the power and bravery of the Scandinavian Kings. It shows their lives, their way of managing the kingdom and lots more.

In order to get you into the world of Vikings, the game will assign you the role of Viking Jarl, where you take over his clan and manage it. The main aim of you being the Viking is to ensure your survival and achieve victory in the wars.

With detailed graphics and environment designs that resemble the medieval period, the devs have ensured that the players can truly indulge themselves in the life of the Vikings. In addition, get a chance to know about their management, battle and survival skills and expansions.

The main character, Viking Jarl is one of the most faithful heroic warriors of that period. Jarl has a dozen jobs to manage such as collecting taxes and resources, brewing ales, training the soldiers, settling the disputes among the clan members and lots more. While playing his character, players will get a chance to manage all of these things.

As the Vikings travelled a lot, you may encounter other heroic warriors on your visit. Sign agreements with other clans, create allies and recruit warriors for your army.

With the soft-launching of the game, the publishers are quite delighted to celebrate it with a lot of rewards and events. Players can acquire Legendary Viking hero and Danish king Ragnar for free with the first recharge.

Also, there will be a 7-Day Login Event that will feature Hrolf, Ragnar’s elder brother, and Ecgfrida, a shepherd girl from Lindisfarne. Players will also be rewarded with in-game resources by following the game’s Facebook and Discord, and completing the in-game surveys.

Simure Vikings is available now on Google Play from May 3rd in Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland, the Philippines, Malta, and Indonesia, with other regions coming soon. It will also release on the App Store at a later date.

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