The AR and location-based elements of Silent Streets are optional

Discover more details of the Victorian mystery game with the CEO and designer

The AR and location-based elements of Silent Streets are optional

We wrote about the second Silent Streets episode back in January, when we first clocked this Victorian detective story with augmented reality features, interactive fiction elements, and a step counter. Our Harry described this indie mystery game as "dripping with style and neat ideas".

Well, Silent Streets: The Mockingbird’s Last Dive became available to download and play at the end of last month. Over on our sister site The Virtual Report, the CEO and lead designer on the project, Demid Tishin, talks about making the game.

And it seems if you've so far been put off by the AR and real-world walking parts of it, fear not. Those elements are entirely optional.

"We have different levels of AR enhancement depending on player’s device and personal preferences," Tishin told The Virtual Report. "Modern iPhones and iPads give you ARKit investigation scenes. If you use an older device, you get 2D hidden-object screens instead (it also means these players get more of the 2D artwork!)."

Silent Streets Mockingbird

And if you don't want to pretend to walk around the Victorian city, like Pokemon GO meets Sherlock Holmes? You don't have to do that either. "For iPhone users there’s also the pedometer feature," he confirms. "But we accommodate other playing styles if you don’t want to walk – you can play a Where's Wally-like game and get a few cab rides, or simply wait."

Read more about this and other mobile AR games at The Virtual Report. The game's official site is www.silent-streets.com.

Dave Bradley
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