Shadowverse launches latest crossover with world renowned and equally adorable Sanrio property

Shadowverse launches latest crossover with world renowned and equally adorable Sanrio property
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The popular digital PvP card game Shadowverse has launched its latest big crossover event, this time with the beloved Sanrio property. That’s right, we’re abandoning all the anime girls and boys and replacing them with Hello Kitty and the rest of her friends!

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Well, abandoning wouldn’t be the right word, as it’s more of a replacement. In case you aren’t familiar, when Shadowverse launches a crossover event like this, it offers up a purchasable cosmetic that will replace the leader of your chosen deck style, or faction, with your chosen cosmetic skin. In the case of this event, we’ve got two choices for fans of Sanrio!

The first of these two is the legendary Kuromi herself! Kuromi acts as the cosmetic for the Shadowcraft faction, which is extremely fitting. Shadowcraft is a faction designed around summoning ghosts and using their souls to power up your cards, making the darker and edgier rival to Hello Kitty the perfect choice for such a deck.

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Next, we’ve got the equally legendary Hello Kitty, who acts as the leader of Dragoncraft. This one is a little less fitting if you ask me, as Dragoncraft is exactly what it sounds like; a faction built around summoning dragon cards and powering them up with each other. Still, it’s always kind of funny to see such an adorable character act as a powerful commander for a draconic army.

Beyond those two new cosmetics, there’s not any massive news here. No card reskins or new cards, or any massive content drops like that. Still, if you’re a fan of Sanrio, this is a great event to collect those two new skins and play as either of your favourite protagonists of the property!

So, if you’d like to purchase either Hello Kitty or Kuromi to use as your Shadowverse commander, you can do so by downloading the game for free at either of the links below and purchasing their respective skins!

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