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Top 5 Shadowverse decks

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Top 5 Shadowverse decks

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Meta is an ever-changing term, generally used in competitive games and associated with popular cards being used by the top players in the rankings. A new season always brings about changes in meta, regardless of the addition of new cards. As new cards become relevant, they are added to existing decks or create a completely new deck revolving around newly-found synergies.

In this guide, we will be listing some of the most popular Shadowverse decks used in the competitive scene. Card games can be quite brutal for new players, as your chances of victory are quite slim if you do not have a synergized deck to work with. It has been tested for decades and every pro player to exist will tell you the same thing – “Your Deck Makes or Breaks You!”

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Do not worry as we have an array of professionally used decks ready for you to copy and make use of. It’s not an easy task as decks are very personal to each player, especially when they are playing professionally or at the highest rankings. Without further wait, let’s check out the top 5 decks being used in Shadowverse.

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#5. Artifact Portal Deck

It’s hard to see decks in today’s day and age that can be used both offensively and defensively. Many veterans of the game might remember them as being the king of the unlimited format back in 2022. Configured from the class known as “Portalcraft”, the premise of the deck is to destroy the enemy’s name cards in the shortest possible time. This is due to the fact that cards like Genesis Artifact, Artifact Impulse, and Ralmia get increasingly powerful when 6 or more artifacts are destroyed inside the graveyard.

Sadly, Artifact Portal falls short against many other strong meta decks as they are known to be even in any season. Obviously, due to their flexible nature. Execution matters most when you play this deck as activating state of Resonance is quite tough, even for an experienced player. This effect only activates when cards from the Portalcraft class are in even numbers.

Of course, Artifacts are going to be the signature card types used in this deck. These are low-cost followers that provide useful effects such as drawing cards or adding them to your hand. Take a look at all the cards included in this deck:

  • Biofabrication x 3
  • Focus x 3
  • Robopup x 3
  • Augmentation Bestowal x 1
  • Syntonization x 3
  • Artifact Scan x 3
  • Acceleration x 1
  • Ralmia, Astrowing x 3
  • Artifact Impulse x 3
  • Full Blast Gunner x 3
  • Genesis Artifact x 3
  • Miriam, Mutinous Being x 3
  • Spinaria, Keeper of the End x 3
  • Artifact Carrier x 3
  • Celestial Artifact x 2

#4. Hozumi OTK Deck

One of the more well-known decks that use cards from the Forestcraft class. It follows a simple strategy – wait it out till you have all your cards and OTK your opponent the next turn. As this is a massive advantage on your part, it’s also a massive disadvantage as an experienced opponent will understand what you are trying to do and start going aggressive by destroying some of your pre-requisite cards such as Hozumi early on. Do not worry as the solution to this core problem also comes with the cards in the deck. You will have plenty of crowd-controlling spells and followers to make sure Hozumi is protected or at the very least not destroyed till Turns 5-6.

The main attraction of this deck is Hozumi, Enchanting Hostess as her effect states “if at least 4 cards were played this turn, banish all allied followers. Instead, put X random Forestcraft followers of different costs from your deck. X equals the number of followers banished before.”

Make sure to start things slowly by dropping more fairy circles every alternate turn while using spells to control enemy movements. Again, execution matters, so the recommended thing to do would be to use Fairy Wisp, Fairy Wisp, Fairy, Fairy, and activate Hozumi. Another execution that could take place in Turn 6 is if you exchange a Fairy Wisp for Fairy. Take a look at all the cards included in this deck:

  • Nature’s Guidance x 2
  • Fairy Circle x 3
  • Spiritshine x 3
  • Erosive Annihilation x 3
  • Guiding Bellringer Angel x 3
  • Stay in Paradise x 3
  • Flower of Fairies x 3
  • Hozumu, Enchanting Hostess x 3
  • Arboreal Core x 3
  • Goblin Assault x 3
  • Woodland Pest Control x 3
  • Omnis, Prime Okami x 1
  • Deepwood Wolf x 3
  • Lymaga, Forest Champion x 1
  • Wind Fairy x 3

#3. Departed Soultaker Deck

Bringing back the devil with this one! Departed Soultaker rides on the hope to deploy Departed Soul on the battlefield with the help of Lara, the Soul taker. Akin to other decks from the Shadowcraft class, this deck also helps in reviving dead cards with the help of soultakers.

The main attraction of this deck is Lara, Soul Taker as her effect states “Randomly put a copy of an allied follower (excluding Lara, Soul Taker) that was destroyed during this turn into your hand. Change its cost to 0 and give it the following effect: Destroy this follower at the end of your turn.”

When starting to take your turn, make sure to take advantage of the tons of summoning spells this deck contains with the likes of Chaotic Dooms and Demonic Processions. Take a look at all the cards included in this deck:

  • Aiolon’s Remains x 1
  • Demonic Procession x 3
  • Call of the Great Arm x 3
  • Ambitious Goblin Mage x 1
  • Stay in Paradise x 1
  • Savouring Slash x 3
  • Angel’s Blessing x 2
  • Lara, Soul Taker x 3
  • Chaotic Doom x 3
  • Charon, Stygian Demise x 3
  • Thunder God the Tempest x 3
  • Lakandula, Purgatory Inn x 3
  • Death’s Mistress x 3
  • Bone Maven x 3
  • Spirit Eater x 1
  • Departed Soultaker x 3
  • He Who Once Rocked x 1

#2. Dimension Shift Deck

One of the so-called OG decks of Shadowverse, the Dimensional Shift has seen quite some changes since its inception. However, one thing that has stayed consistent no matter the variation, is the focus deployed on making the Dimension Shift card cost zero. It’s a hack when you consider what happens at that time. The opponent skips an entire turn and you can beat them without them even making any moves.

The main attraction of this Shadowverse deck is Dimension Shift as their effect states “Subtract 1 from the cost of this card. Take an extra turn after this one.” Prioritize boosting the overall draw speed of your cards to deploy Dimension Shift as soon as possible. Once drawn, reduce its cost to zero by Spellboosting it. Take a look at all the cards included in this deck:

  • Insight x 3
  • Impalement Arts x 2
  • Secrets of Omyodo x 3
  • Stay in Paradise x 1
  • Runie, Resolute Diviner x 3
  • Sacred Bird of Wisdom x 3
  • Kaleidoscopic Glow x 3
  • Story of a Lifetime x 3
  • Angel’s Blessing x 2
  • Crystal Fencer x 1
  • Crystal Witch x 3
  • Chakram Wizard x 3
  • Fate’s Hand x 3
  • Grimoire Sorcerer x 3
  • Goddess of Rebirth x 1
  • Dimension Shift x 3

#1. Resonance Portal Deck

We have seen Portalcraft decks previously in this list, but this one is on a whole different level. Reportedly, this deck has the ability to OTK enemies, deal damage to all enemies, heal allied cards, and draw multiple cards in a single turn. One of the greatest inventions that came with the new expansion, it makes the use of low-cost cards, aggressive cards, and Cassim the Courageous. Yes, a single card acts as a key to success for this deck for the value it provides.

Cassim the Courageous is a 1-cost AOE-damage dealing card that can be used every turn. It deals even more damage when you achieve the Resonance state that is famous for Portalcraft class of cards.

Players can start their turns with Robopup or Biofabrication as they both are quite staple card-draw generators. In case, the enemy starts using too many followers, always make sure to have a Cassim the Courageous in hand to take them all out at once the next turn. The finishers must be Yuwan, Dimensional Avenger or Magna Zero. Yuwan is especially helpful when you are at a minimum of 10 resonance. Take a look at all the cards included in this deck:

  • Biofabrication x 3
  • Mechagun Wielder x 3
  • Robopup x 3
  • Metaproduction x 3
  • Augmentation Bestowel x 1
  • Metadivision x 1
  • Acceleration x 1
  • Nilpotent Entity x 1
  • Birth of the Ravenous x 1
  • Ameth, Dream Emissary x 1
  • Yuwan, Dimensional Avenger x 3
  • Rosa, Unfettered Maiden x 3
  • Cassim, the Courgeous x 3
  • Summon Divine Treasure x 3
  • Resolve of the Fallen x 1
  • Automachina Maiden x 2
  • Spinaria, Keeper of the End x 3
  • Shion, Immortal Aegis x 1
  • Magma Giant x 2
  • Magma Zero x 1
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