Netmarble to release Seven Knights 2 globally on Android and iOS later this year

Netmarble’s Seven Knights 2 is heading towards a global launch

Netmarble to release Seven Knights 2 globally on Android and iOS later this year
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Netmarble has just announced its plan to release Seven Knights 2 worldwide. The game is scheduled to release globally later this year for both Android and iOS players.


Seven Knights 2 was first announced in 2018, and a beta of the game was launched in the same year. The game was completely redesigned, and players were given more control in-game before it was launched in South Korea in November 2020. The game has enjoyed massive popularity in the region, and so Netmarble is hoping to replicate this success as they expand into more regions.

About Seven Knights 2

Seven Knights 2 is a sequel to much loved mobile RPG ‘Seven Knights’ which was developed and published by Netmarble. The story of Seven Knights 2 takes place 20 years after its prequel. The game has been created using Unreal Engine 4 and featured best-in-class graphics and overall design.

Seven Knights 2 Gameplay

As for the gameplay, in Seven Knights 2, players control not one but four characters, technically. They can command one main character, and AI will take care of the remaining three - don’t worry, the AI does a pretty good job. Furthermore, you can switch between characters during the battle whenever you feel the need to.

When will Seven Knights 2 release globally?

Netmarble recently released its latest financial records, and they are pretty impressive. However, since we are not the shareholder, we will head directly to the news players will care about. Alongside the records, they have also shared their roadmap for 2021.

Judging by this roadmap, Netmarble is planning to release Seven Knights 2 globally later this year. The game will launch for both Android and iOS devices. Seven Knights 2 has incredible cinematics and beautiful art direction. We are super excited about the launch of this MMORPG.

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