Seven Knights 2 is celebrating 500 days since launch with numerous events and rewards

Seven Knights 2 is celebrating 500 days since launch with numerous events and rewards
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Netmarble has announced Seven Knights 2’s will celebrate its 500th day of service with a number of in-game events. Players will be able to earn loads of special items and rewards as they participate in missions that will continue to be available for the rest of the month.

Let’s start with the freebies. Until April 12th, a 14-day check-in event will grant 5,000x Rubies, a 500th Day Celebration Special Box, Legendary Hero Selection Tickets, and a Legendary Pet Summon Voucher Fragment. Another check-in event will be available for new and returning players that clear a few missions.

Newbies will receive Rubies and the Legendary Hero Alice Soulstone and the rest can gain Upgrade Dungeon Tickets, Clear Recharge Tickets, and Legendary Pet Summon Vouchers.

In addition to this, three pet-themed events will be available until March 29th. Players that dispatch pets or fuse their Pet Soulstones will receive special Celebration Coins, Pet Fragment Chests, and a Legendary Pet Summon Voucher Fragment. The exclusive 500th Day Special Coin will be obtainable by playing the Upgrade Dungeon, using the Map, or enhancing Equipment.

A few other rewards like a Pet Step Up Summon Ticket, Pet Fragment Chest and Legendary Pet Summon Voucher Fragment will be granted based on the number of Pet Set Up Summonings used.

The final pet-based event is called Shoot & Root and it involves using the Cosette’s Bullet that can be earnt by completing missions to gain prizes like the 500th Day Celebration Special Coin, Pet Fragment Chest, Mythic Upgrade Stone, Sealed Accessory Selection Tickets and Rubies.

It's quite literally raining rewards in Seven Knights 2 right now. Get your own treasure trove of goodies by downloading the game now for free by clicking on your preferred link below.

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