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Out at Midnight: Sentinel Command

That pesky House Daraay

Out at Midnight: Sentinel Command
| Sentinel Command
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Sentinel Command is a sci-fi strategy RPG that blends turn-based combat with real time strategy elements.

The story involves a clash between the two Houses Daraay and Sedaris over an asteroid field rich in Neoplatinum. You play as a member of House Sedaris, who owns the field, and must defend it from the opposition.

So you'll build a base and take command of your own starship fleet, dashing around protecting mining installations from the Daraay opposition and distributing Neoplatinum to allies in exchange for their help in battle.

You can customise each ship down to who's in command and ensure that they perform as you'd expect them. There are 12 ship classes, 26 weapons, and loads of different upgrades to attach to them.

As you take part in turn-based battles, they'll level up too and earn brand new abilities for use in future battles.

Sentinel Command will be out tonight at midnight so keep an eye out for it in the App Store.