Secret Shuffle, a brand new party game fit for up to 60 different players, set to launch later this week

Secret Shuffle, a brand new party game fit for up to 60 different players, set to launch later this week
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On December 8th, indie developer Adriaan.games will release its latest project; a music-based party game for 4-60, yes you read that right, 60 players! Secret Shuffle is an in-person quasi-deception game that is centred around the idea of gathering up to 60 different people in one room, all wearing headphones.

This might sound a little strange, so let me explain the true heart of Secret Shuffle. With 10 games designed into the app, all players will have music synced up with each other through Secret Shuffle. From here, the goal changes depending on the game chosen.

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For example, the game Fakers sees randomly chosen players in the group not get any music through their headphones at all. It is the goal of the other players, the ones with music playing in their ears, to determine who is faking the music they aren’t actually hearing, whether that be through poor dancing skills or facial expressions, whatever works.

Another example of the variety within these 10 games, is Pairs. This one sees you having to try to hunt down the other player in your group who is listening to the same music as you.

The options in terms of music are what freshen up each experience, as they range from many different genres, eras, regions, and there’s even some that are just sounds of various animals, so there’s always some wacky stuff going on.

Secret Shuffle could end up being a huge hit at large parties and is sure to act as a good time for social events. But given that 10 players work just as well, there’s room for family events and the like as well. Whatever the occasion, if you’re looking for a cool way to liven up the place, Secret Shuffle sounds just perfect.

Secret Shuffle is currently set for a December 8th launch. In the meantime, you can check out the official website for more information too!

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